Zipper Bag AZB-1001

Zipper Bag AZB-1001

Zipper Bag AZB-1001

Zipper Bag AZB-1001

APK Plastic Machinery

APK Plastic Machinery
APK Plastic Machinery

Zipper Bag AZB-1001

EXTREMELY PRESENTING DELICIOUS FRESH FOODS Let Zipper Bag “handle” this difficult problem with its convenient zip lock design, preserve food for a long time, but still keep the freshness and taste.

Size : custom

Weight : custom

Service business to business. Supply MOQ 1 container

Product information

Product Type

Food preservation Zipper Bags



Made in


Size/ Quantity

24 x 17cm- 40 Bags/ Roll

34 x 24cm- 30 Bags/ Roll

40 x 28cm- 20 Bags/ Roll


LDPE plastic, does not contain harmful additives, ensures food hygiene and safety



zippered; can be used in refrigerators, freezers


– Long-term preservation of fresh and delicious food, preserving flavor
– Transparent LDPE plastic, safe for health
– European quality standards


Preserving food, avoiding odors, keeping food fresh and delicious for longer

How to Use

Put the food in the bag, hold the top of the bag, press the 2 grooves that fit together,

then swipe across the top of the bag.


Hot food should be refrigerated before placing it in the bag


– Produced according to European quality standards, the Zipper bag is safe and healthy, helping to preserve food for a long time, while still maintaining the freshness, full taste

– 2-sided design in the inside – Solid zip lock, convenient for using and storing products

– Diversified capacity and sizes of bags, suitable for the needs of all foods, from fish meat, vegetables, fresh fruits to frozen seafood, confectionery, nuts, and dry foods without fear of odors in a strange cabinet

– In particular, dry food stored in a zip bag will not be moldy, smelly hard, and drinks will not leak to the outside, very convenient when transported.

– Simple and convenient to use, you just need to put the food in the Zipper bag, press the top of the bag tightly, while avoiding wasting food while ensuring the freshness of the food.

In addition, zipper bags are also very popular in storing electronic goods, medical components or items …

– This is definitely a utility product for every family